Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked question. If you can't find an answer, just let us know and we'll help you.

  1. Great Software, how can I give it a try?!
  2. Will the Remote Control Apps be available on Windows Phone and Android too?
  3. Do you offer a free version?
  4. Do you offer a subscription?
  5. Which sports do your scoreboards cover?
  6. Is there a statistic summary at the end of the game that can be filed or printed?
  7. What exactly is the Server Application?
  8. What happens if the desktop application crashes?
  9. I can't connect to the Live Score Desktop Application
  10. I use MAC OS X - can I still use Live Score?
  11. FTP Ticker - Invalid Filename
  12. Some buttons are disabled in my controls?
  13. Live Score has been blocked by Windows

Demo and Trial versions are awesome, so we included that!
Just download the Live Score software here and install it on your Windows computer.

You can also download the optional Live Score Remote App on your iPad or iPhone.
Open it and simply select your preferred sport - there's no need to purchase it right now!
Connect your device as described in the User Guide and try it as long as you want to.

Not at home?! No Desktop Application available right now?!
Just click connect in your App and use the Demo mode when asked.
This will start a simulation and allow you to gain more insight, even when you're on the road.

You can also request a Trial for the Professional Edition.
Contact us and you get a fully functional time limited Trial License for the Professional Edition and all its features.

The remote controls are currently only available for iOS.
We don't plan to port them to Windows Phone or Android for now. If you do need other platforms, tell us,
so we can consider a development of these versions.

No, we do not offer a free version.
You need at least a licensed Desktop Sports Control or licensed iOS Remote Package.

Yes, the Live Score Professional Edition can be purchased based on a monthly subscription.
Just purchase the subscription product on the website and finish your payment.
You will then see a new subscription area in your account.

A valid and running subscription will create a new order and license every month.
Licenses and invoices will be automatically sent to you exactly as one-time payment packages.

If you no longer want to renew, you can cancel anytime.

We currently support baseball, softball, handball, football, soccer, mma, basketball, rugby (league, union, afl), hockey, tennis and multi-sport.
These scoreboards and remote controls have been optimized for a perfect usage.
Multi-Sport is a general scoreboard for all kinds of sport.
If you need another sport, just tell us and we consider to implement it for upcoming versions.

Live Score is not a scoring software, but a scoreboard software.
You control and display scoreboards in real-time and provide amazing live experiences.
We do not provide any histories or other printable statistics, because we're not trying to replace any complex scoring software.

The Desktop Application is the heart of our system and is used to host and display your scoreboard.
From there you can distribute it to your TV Stream, your websites or anywhere else.
Mobile Apps are used as a remote control and connect to your Desktop Application to update your scoreboard from anywhere in the stadium.

The best applications out there crash - so there's no guarantee that Live Score doesn't.
But we thought about that!
Every play you enter is automatically saved.
So if you relaunch the Application, it automatically loads the last state of your game.
Go ahead, just try it!

If you cannot establish a connection to the Live Score desktop application please check the following list.
The new Connection Doctor within your iOS Apps helps to you debug problems.

  1. Are you connected to the same network?
    Please make sure that you are on the same network.
    If you are using Parallels on a MAC, please verify that you have "Bridged Network - Default Adapter" configured in your network setting, or the new "WIFI" in current versions of Parallels.

  2. Did you press "Start" in your Live Score desktop application?

  3. Have you provided a password for your remote controls and is it correct?

  4. If none above did work, it might be your Firewall settings on your Live Score computer.
    Turn it off and try again (please remember to turn it on again if you need it).
    Also keep in mind, that Windows has different firewalls for private and public networks.
    You might want to turn off all of them to test your connection.

  5. Try to use the Connection Doctor within the iOS Apps

If none worked, try to download an external app like Network Ping Lite and see if your iOS device can connect to your computer in your network.

Yes, it is possible to use Live Score on your Macbook or iMac.
All you need to have is a Windows VM (Virtual Machine) running and you should be fine.
There a different virtualization applications out there, like Parallels
They help you to run Windows on your MAC...side by side with your native MAC applications.
Just install Live Score in your virtual Windows and make sure you give your Windows VM enough resources.

If your FTP upload does not work and you get the error that it has an invalid filename, make sure you have a leading / in your filepath.
Otherwise your FTP server might think that the uploaded file has a / within the name.

Path: livescore/basketball + Filename: game.php would lead to livescore/basketball/game.php which is recognized as a filename with incorrect / character.

Correct with leading /:
Path: /livescore/basketball + Filename: game.php would lead to a correct /livescore/basketball/game.php.

If you have a Demo Version, some buttons are disabled until you unlock your software with a real license.
This happens within the iOS Apps and in the Live Score Desktop Edition.

If want to try the whole software without any disabled buttons, please request a free Trial License.

There might be a small chance that Windows blocks the Live Score when downloading or when installing it. Don't worry, this is no problem!

If it happens, just allow it.

There are 2 different ways the Windows Smart Shield could ask you if you really want to continue.

Please use the instructions in the images here to continue the installation.