Video Tutorials

Live Score Videos

Sometimes a video is the better way to learn something.
Here's a list of available tutorial videos and other videos that should get you started.

Getting Started

This tutorial covers the basic steps to prepare your game and scoreboard for your livestream Learn everything about the navigation in Live Score, how to setup your game data and how to change the look of your scoreboard.

Stalker Pro Radar Gun

In this video we'll show you how to use Stalker Pro devices with Live Score, so you can automatically show accurate pitch speeds right within your scoreboard.
Give your audience what they deserve!

X-Keys Integration

X-Keys are great input devices by P.I. Engineering. In this video you will learn more about X-Keys, the basic concept, the setup workflow and how to build your unique controlling interface to operate your Live Score scoreboards.

Audio Interface Integration

Learn how to connect Live Score to your audio I/O card or external interface and start playing audio files and buzzer sounds directly on your external audio system or venue audio system.

vMix and dynamic Image Output

Learn how to use the dynamic image output of Live Score in vMix. This is only one way to get your Live Score scoreboards into your stream.

Wirecast and dynamic Image Output

Integrate your Live Score scoreboards in your Telestream Wirecast software. This video explains how to use the dynamic Image Ouput of Live Score.

Daktronics Integration

Watch the tutorial video about the Daktronics integration of Live Score. Learn how to connect your All Sport CG and prepare Live Score to automatically listen to incoming signals of your Daktronics hardware.

CageCaster MMA Broadcast

Watch one of the latest Hardrock MMA fights, powered by and see Live Score being used as the main broadcasting graphic. Thanks to for providing this video.

Live Score 1.7 Teaser

Watch the teaser video for the upcoming version 1.7 - the biggest update so far! We're happy to release some brand new features and major changes in how you operate your scorebugs and scoreboards.