Live Score Editions

Live Score Editions

Live Score comes in 2 basic editions.
The basic Standard Edition that requires the iOS Remote Controls and the Professional Edition with all features included.
Alternatively you can extend the features of the Standard Edition by purchasing various packages that fit your needs.
The system is made for small sport teams and organizations as well as for professional broadcasters and streaming agencies who need a software that is specialized in displaying and controlling scoreboards and score bugs.

BASIC & COMPLETE Standard Edition

Get a complete solution for your live streams with the Standard Edition of Live Score.
You need to manually crop/capture the scoreboard from the Live Score window and transmit it to your streaming software.
This can be done by using e.g. NDI®, Desktop Presenter when using Wirecast®, but also with converters like the AJA® ROI for hardware based workflows.
The basic Edition works only with iOS Remote Controls, which are available as In-App Purchases for € 9.99 - € 29.99 or € 5.49 as Gameday Pass,
or with a Built-In Sports Control for € 39.00.

iOS Package
(1 single sport)
Desktop Package
(1 single sport)
Professional Edition
(all sports)
Basic Users, Teams, Organisations
Operate with iOS Remote Controls
Operate with Built-In Sports Controls
Standard Layouts for every sport
Multi-Scoreboard View
Scalable High-Definition Scoreboards
Adjust colors with the Color Manager
Import, Export and Share Color Profiles
Import, Export and Share Game Profiles
Show/Hide elements of your scoreboard
Standard Animations and Effects
Application Crash Backup System
NewTek NDI Integration
Audio Library
Lower Thirds
Keyboard Input
X-Keys Integration
Upgrades for Professional Teams and Broadcasters
Custom Layouts
FTP Ticker with XML upload
Import and Export FTP Profiles
Web Widgets for team websites
External Display for Hardware Playout
StatCrew Input
Daktronics Input
Scoreboard OCR Input
Stalker Pro Integration
Image Output
XML Output
Text Output
see iOS App see products page 1,042.84 EUR
16% taxes included for Germany,
varies depending on your country

How can I try Live Score?

Just download Live Score and the Apps and connect with the iOS Demo Remote Controls.

Do I need the Professional Edition?

No! You can use the Standard Edition if you don't need further customizations and features.

NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
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AJA® and ROI® are registered trademarks of AJA Video Systems, Inc. in the United States.