Audio Library

With Live Score 1.8.7 and later you can automate the audio experience of your venue audience.
Connect your Live Score computer to your venue audio system and make use of the integrated buzzer and audio library for certain events of your game.

The Audio Library Settings can be found in Edit > Settings.

  1. Audio Settings
  2. Custom Audio Files
  3. Buzzer Setup


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Audio Settings

Open the settings dialog and navigate to the Audio Library.
Here you can manage and preview embedded and custom audio files.
Use the speaker buttons next to your sound for previews.

For a huge audio library, use the grid to sort, group or filter all your sound files.

Audio Interface
Since version 1.8.10 of Live Score, you can select an additional Audio Interface that will be used to output your sounds. This can be the built-in speaker system of your computer, or an external audio interface which is connected to your venue PA system.

Custom Audio Files

Use the section above the grid to add your own .mp3 or .wav files and use them as buzzer sounds in your games.

All your custom files can of course be removed from the library by using the red delete icon next to it.
Your original files will not be deleted!

Buzzer Setup

It's finally time to use your sounds in your game.
Every sport with support for audio sounds comes with a special setting for the certain event. These settings can be found in the Game Data dialog of your sport.

If you want to use a buzzer sound, simply select your audio file for Buzzer and Submit your game data settings. When you start your game, and the time runs out (or reaches the maximum level), Live Score will automatically play the selected sound through your computer audio system.