Image Output Rendering

With Live Score 1.5 and above, it's possible to render the scoreboard as an image file (.png).
The resulting image can then be used as an input source in your streaming software.
If your streaming software supports this feature, it will help you to save resources of your computer.

It does also allow you, to run Live Score on the same computer in a minimized state.

  1. Setup the Image Output
  2. Adjust your Image
  3. Export Key/Fill
  4. Updating Data

Setup the Image Output

Enable Rendering
Enable the image output by activating this checkbox.
When activated, Live Score will export a new image to the configured output path after the scoreboard has changed.

Set your custom output path of the image.
This is the location where your image will be stored when rendering it.

Output Filename
Set your custom name for the image.
Please keep in mind, that it will add a .png at the end if you don't use it.
All images are exported as PNG files.

You can set your custom width and height that will be used when exporting the image. The origin 0/0px is located in the top left corner.

Adjust your Image

Live Score renders the whole visible part of it's scoreboard region within the configured width/height into the image.
To help you align your images, a yellow container will be visible that shows the exact area that will be used to render your image. You can either move it to the edge of the area, or scale it as large as possible within the yellow container.

When you're ready, you can test your image, by manually generating the output.
This can be done by using the menu item "Output -> Generate Image Output (Fill)"

Export Key/Fill

You can optionally export the key and fill images by using the corresponding menu items Output -> Generate Image Output....

If you want to get the actual black/white key image that matches your exported fill image, just use that option from the menu item. Your key-image will be saved in the same directory as your fill-image.

Please note, that the name will have a "-key" at the end.

Updating Data

Live Score will automatically update your image every time your scoreboard is being updated.
So you always get the latest scoreboard data in your image.
Streaming application that support this feature, watch for changes on this file, and reload it as soon as the image file has changed.