General Settings

In Live Score you can customize various properties and settings.
The General Settings area covers adjustment possibilities across all sports in Live Score.
It can be found in the Main Window Menu Edit > Settings.

  1. Formatters
  2. Grid Layout


Formatters help you to modify the way how certain data is being formatted and displayed in your scoreboard.
You can change that format and layout with the settings below:

Game Clock Format
Specify if your game clocks should be formatted with a leading zero or not.
With this dropdown, you can set if you rather want to show something like "09:56" or "9:56". This only works with sports that support game clocks.

Shot Clock Format
Specify if your shot clocks should be formatted with a leading zero.
Depending on your setting you get a shot clock like "8" or "08".
Please note, that this works only for sports that support shot clocks.

Grid Layout

Enable or disable the grid layout of the scoreboard area from here.
The grid helps you to position all your scoreboards in the scoreboard area of the main window.

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