Multi Scoreboard View

With Live Score 1.7 and above it's possible to add more layouts to your scoreboard area.
This helps you to render different types of score bugs on one single screen.
You can then consume and process it by e.g. cropping scoreboards and creating different overlay layers in your streaming software.

  1. Add a Layout
  2. Add another Layout
  3. Zoom/Scale
  4. Adjust Elements
  5. Adjust Colors
  6. Image Output
  7. Cache

Add a Layout

We start with our first layout.
Use the + button below your scoreboards list in the scoreboards panel.
This button opens the new Layout Gallery.
The dialog comes with a list of all available standard and custom layouts grouped by sport and a preview area for each scoreboard.
If you have found the scoreboard you'd like to add, select it and click on Add.
The new layout should now appear in the main area of Live Score.

Add another Layout

We repeat step 1 and add another layout to our current setup.
This time we use one of the Statistic Scoreboards.


Select the scoreboard you want to adjust and then change the zoom level until you are satisfied. Depending on which layouts you use, the perfect zoom level can vary.

Adjust Elements

Ok, it's not that bad to have different layouts on one screen - but what if you want to change different parts of just one scoreboard?!

Every scoreboard can be adjusted separately to fit your needs.
For this you need to select the scoreboard you want to edit within the scoreboard panel.
The name of the selected scoreboard is now displayed below the scoreboard list.

You can now start to edit the visible elements of this selected scoreboard.
Check or uncheck the elements and press the blue Submit Changes button below.

In our sample, we unchecked LOB for the statistic scoreboard. After submitting our changes, the scoreboard shows only R, H and E.

Adjust Colors

We're almost done - our scoreboards look fine.
Only the colors are still different.

Like we have changed the visible elements of a single scoreboard, it's also possible to change colors independently.

Select your statistic scoreboard again, and click on the Edit Colors button of your scoreboard panel. This opens the Color Manager and allows you to set colors for different areas of your scoreboard. Set the colors to a matching red instead of blue and yellow.
Click OK in the Color Manager and submit your changes again by pressing the blue Submit Changes button in your scoreboard panel.

We do now have 2 different scoreboards in one single view that are customized to match the features and colors of our sports production.


Image Output

If you are using the dynamic png output feature, you can add both layouts to your rendered image. Make sure all layouts are visible and change the zoom level if not.
When Live Score now renders your image, all visible layouts will be added to the png file.


The new multi scoreboards view brings also a new caching behavior.
If you restart Live Score and select a sport, the software will automatically reload the last game configuration, which includes game settings, scoreboard settings and the current game data.

With the new version, the whole scoreboard setup, including active layouts, their visible elements and colors will be saved in the sport cache file.
This means, whatever you configure in Live Score - it will be loaded again after restarting the software.