Device Output

Sometimes you want a clean feed of your scoreboard directly through the HDMI or SDI output of your graphics card.
The Device Output allows you to set an output, define a resolution and easily render the full scoreboard area through your graphics card.

  1. Setup Device Output
  2. Start the Device Output
  3. Using the feed
  4. Supported Devices

Setup Device Output

We start by setting up our Device Output.
Open the settings of Live Score and navigate to the device output section.

Live Score will automatically detect all supported devices that are installed and available on your system.
Just select the one that you want to use for the rendering.

In addition to this, you might also need to select a video-line that you want to use.
Some devices have just one, others have multiple output lines.

The last thing is the resolution of the output.
Depending on what device you use, you might need ensure that you use the same resolution that your graphics card is configured to use.

Once you are ready, just click on Save to persist your settings.

Start the Device Output

Ensure that the Device Output feature is enabled and start the whole engine by simply pressing the blue start button in the upper right corner of Live Score.

You should see a text appear in the console window that indicates the start of the rendering process.

Using the feed

Live Score renders a full-screen scoreboard feed directly to your device.

Depending on the graphic card you use, this means you have a clean HDMI or SDI feed that you can use to pass on the scoreboard to a switcher, TV, LED wall and more.

There are no limitations with this easy to use device output.

Supported Devices

Here is a list of all devices that are technically supported.
Please note, that not all of them have been physically tested in your QA process.
The tested devices are highlighted in the list.

Model Manufacturer Tested
DeckLink Mini Monitor Blackmagic Design
DeckLink SDI 4K Blackmagic Design
DeckLink Duo 2 Blackmagic Design
DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G Blackmagic Design
DeckLink Studio 2 Blackmagic Design
DeckLink Studio 4K Blackmagic Design
Intensity Pro 4K Blackmagic Design
Intensity 8K Pro Blackmagic Design
DeckLink Quad 1 Blackmagic Design
Intensity Quad 2 Blackmagic Design
Pro Capture Quad HDMI Magewell
Pro Capture Quad SDI Magewell
MH4LM Stream Labs
MS4 Stream Labs
MSP2 Stream Labs
Alpha HD Stream Labs
Corvid 88 AJA Video Systems
Corvid 44 AJA Video Systems
Corvid 24 R1 AJA Video Systems
KONA LHi AJA Video Systems
KONA IP AJA Video Systems
DELTA-3G-e 22 Deltacast
DELTA-3G-elp-key 11 Deltacast
DELTA-3G-elp-d 8c Deltacast
Epoch Neutron Bluefish444
Epoch 4K Neutron Bluefish444
Epoch Supernova CG Bluefish444
Epoch 4K Supernova S+ Bluefish444
KRONOS K8 Bluefish444
Osprey 945 Osprey
Osprey 1215 Osprey
Osprey 1225 Osprey
Osprey 1245 Osprey
Osprey 1285 Osprey