What are Lower Thirds?!

A Lower Third is a graphic overlay that is being placed in the title-safe lower area of the screen.
It's being used to display texts and information for your viewers.

There are no limitations when speaking about why and how to use Lower Thirds.
Display the name of the batters in baseball, or the name of the guy who finally shot that decision making goal...
You can even use it for news, announcements or anything else that could suddenly be of interest.

Live Score offers Lower Thirds along with your scoreboards out of the box.
It's the perfect "all in one" tool to enhance your streams and show your viewers more than just scores.

Scoreboards and Lower Thirds

With Live Score you can have both - easy and out-of-the-box!

Add your lower third layout along your preferred scoreboard.
Then align and mix it either in your streaming application, or place it next to each other directly in Live Score.

Modify the HEADLINE along with a SUBHEADING and toggle the visibility of your lower third. Data previews and "text length" displays help you to prepare your texts before going on air.

If mixing is done outside of Live Score, just keep it visible and only change texts.

Adjust Colors

Build your custom look and feel with our Color Manager

Every layout has different color options - and these can all be controlled individually.

So you can not only decide what layout fits best for you, but also modify its colors and create something unique for your broadcast.

Read more in our userguide

CSV Imports/Exports

Prepare your game with simple CSV files.

Prepare your text snippets by simply importing CSV files with all your texts. This is perfect for long rosters and advertisement texts.
Every snippet can be easily searched and selected during the game.