Desktop Application

The heart of our system! This application hosts and displays your scoreboards and manages connections.

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What is the Desktop Application?!

The Desktop Application is a Windows Software that serves as a host for your scoreboard and your remote clients. The main intent is to display a scoreboard that can be used in different types of streaming applications. You can either grab the screen and transfer it to your streaming application, or use the built in External Display module for hardware capturings. FTP Uploads and prepared Web Widgets help you to get realtime scoreboards on your website or anywhere on the internet.

Setup your Scoreboard

Provide amazing sports scoreboards for your TV stream, Web Widgets or more - all at the same time!

The desktop application is the heart of our system. This Windows software displays your scoreboard and manages remote clients.

Choose Scoreboard

Select predefined layouts or build your own

Visible Elements

Show/Hide different parts of your scoreboard

Safety Mouse

Secure your scoreboard and its scalings


Adjust colors and gradients

Moving / Zoom

Change the location and size of your scoreboard

Game Data

Assign sport specific game data

Intelligent Control Modes

The Automatic Control Mode helps you with your scoreboard!

Live Score updates the scoreboard depending on the current situation and step of your sport/game. It starts or stops the time, resets runners on base, and a lot more.
It's less work for a better experience!

Animations and Effects

Bring life to your scoreboard with animations!

Enable animations and effects for certain events or create your own effects (Professional Edition). Fading transitions on scorings, moving animations on side changes - thanks to WPF Storyboards you can do almost anything!

Adjust your Colors

Every scoreboard can be styled the way you like it!

Solid colors and even gradients can be assigned as primary and/or secondary colors, away and home colors, text colors and anything you need to present your very own and unique sports scoreboard.

Custom Scoreboards

Professional Edition

Create and build your very own customized scoreboards.
Amaze your fans with stunning and team specific layouts.

With Live Score and XAML it's an ease to create sports scoreboards. There are almost no limitations, so start right now and get the most out of your scoreboard.

Daktronics Input

Professional Edition

Keep your score bug in sync with your Daktronics System.

Live Score 1.6.5 and above includes the brand new Daktronics Automatic Data Feed Integration. Connect your Daktronics All Sport CG hardware and let it automatically update your score bug.

More about our Daktronics Integration

Device Output

Professional Edition

Clean HDMI or SDI Output for your workflow!

Render your scoreboard directly to your graphics card and use it as clean HDMI or SDI output in your broadcasting workflow.

Learn more in our User Guide.

FTP Upload

Professional Edition

Upload RAW data to your web server and use it just the way you want to!

If enabled, the Desktop Application uploads raw XML data of your game to your web server. Use this data to extend your scoreboard experience in any possible way, or simply use one of our drop-in Web Widgets.
You can also secure the XML data and avoid access from other people.