1. Lineup Module

Lineup Module

Live Score comes with a full featured lineup module where you can add both rosters before or during the game.

The players from the lineup will then be used to display pitchers and batters.

To add a new player, simply click on the roster button of your team within the Game Data panel. Here you can add players, modify them or delete them.
Every player can have a specific position. If you chose Pitcher, then that player will be used for the pitcher display.

If you want Live Score to show the players with the correct batting order, please assign a Batting Position for all players that will have an At Bat.

If you need to change players during the game, you can simply update their positions and batting orders. Players that have previously been assigned that position or batting order will be unassigned and put to bench.
This should help you to easily proceed with fast player exchanges.

The complete roster can be exported and imported as CSV file within the Roster Management view. So you can have a backup of your roster or even prepare those in advance.

Once the roster has been created, click on the "submit" button in the Game Data panel to submit your changes.

Live Score should now automatically display the pitchers and batters in the correct batting order during your game. As soon as you switch the innings or click on "Next At Bat", the new batter should be displayed.

If the batting order somehow gets mixed up, you can easily fix this with the corresponding buttons.