Text Output

With Live Score 1.6.6 and above, it's possible to export a text file of your current game data.
The resulting file can then be used as an input source in other applications or systems.

  1. Sample File
  2. Enable the Text Output
  3. Updating Data

Sample File

This is a sample text file for the MMA sport.
It contains current game data along with game configuration like max-rounds and max-round-time.

    ls_teamAway = JOHN
    ls_teamHome = DAVID
    ls_round = 2
    ls_time = 04:25
    ls_max_rounds = 3
    ls_round_time = 05:00

Enable the Text Output

We start by enabling and configuring the Text Output feature.
This can be done in the settings of Live Score.
Here you can activate the feature, and set the filepath for your file.

It's also possible to provide a prefix for each exported line.
Some applications might have problems when reading e.g. "time", because they already have a source that is called "time".
The prefix helps you to avoid these problems by simply changing "time" to "ls_time" when having the prefix "ls_".

Updating Data

Live Score will automatically update your text file every time your scoreboard is being updated.
So you always get the latest scoreboard data in your file.
Software that support this feature, watch for changes on this file, and reload it as soon as the file has changed.