X-Keys Integration

With Live Score 1.8.10 and above it's possible to use your X-Keys devices to map sport actions and control your scoreboard from a hardware device.

  1. How it works
  2. Requirements
  3. Connect your X-Keys
  4. Assign Sport Actions
  5. Start your Game


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1. How it works

X-Keys from P.I. Engineering are programmable keys, switches, pedals, joysticks and knobs that provide the intuitive link between human and computer or tables.

These device are special USB keyboards that allow developers to integrate in-depth functionality in their software.
And that is what has been done in Live Score.

If you connect a X-Keys to your computer, Live Score will listen to all pressed keys on that device.
Depending on your setup, it will convert these keys into sport actions which will then trigger updates of your scoreboards.

X-Keys have the option to change the keys or legends. So you can use labels to make your custom arrangement easier to understand. In addition to that, Live Score will highlight all assigned sport actions with the built in LEDs of X-Keys, which should give you way more focus on what has been configured for your sport.

2. Requirements

These things are required for the X-Keys integration:

3. Connect your X-Keys

We start by connecting your X-Keys devices to your computer.

Just use the USB cable that comes with your X-Keys device and plug it into your Live Score computer.

Now open Live Score and select your preferred sport.

4. Assign Sport Actions

Open the X-Keys Setup dialog.

In this view, you have the option to configure all your sport actions and X-Keys assignments. Before we start with our configuration, we have to connect our device to Live Score.

Connect Device
Please press the "Connect Device" button.
After this step, the LEDs on your device should be highlighted. If a problem occurs, you should see a message dialog with further details. Otherwise, everything's fine.

No it's time to assign your sport actions.

Assign Actions
Open your preferred sport in the grids below.
You will see a list of all available sport actions for that sport.
Select your action, and then press your preferred button for it on your X-Keys devices. You should now see a number, which indicates that your sport action has been assigned to a key on your device. If you select it again, that key should start to flash.

Proceed with assigning more sport actions until you are happy with your setup.

Delete Assignments
If you want to remove a configuration, right click on the list and either delete the selected assignment, or all assignments for that particular sport.

When you're ready, save your settings.

5. Start your Game

No make sure your X-Keys integration is enabled and start your game with the blue start button.

You can now press the assigned and highlighted buttons on your X-Keys device to operate your scoreboard.