Embedding your Scoreboard

Live Score helps you to create, display and control a digital sport scoreboard.
In this chapter, you'll learn how you use your scoreboard in your live stream or on TV.

Keep in mind, that you can use your favorite streaming software, so we don't refer to a particular one!

  1. Overview
  2. Capturing your Scoreboard
  3. Adding a layer
  4. Removing the Background
  5. Move and Scale


Live Score hosts your scoreboard and lets your control it with your remote controls.
You can then capture your scoreboard from your screen and integrate it in your streaming software. This new layer will contain your selected background color. If you remove this background color from within your streaming software, you end up with your scoreboard overlay above your video content.

Capturing your Scoreboard

We start by capturing your scoreboard. You have 2 options to make your screen available for other applications in the network. Either by using a Screen Capture software, that uses a cropped screen and sends that part to your network, or by using Hardware Capture equipment. If you're using hardware capturing, open the External Display module and move that window to your external screen. Then connect your hardware capturing device and capture this screen.
If you're using screen capturing, start your capturing software and crop your screen so you only take the scoreboard area. Then start the broadcast of your capturing software, so that your scoreboard is available as a video streaming content within your local network.

Adding a layer

Livestreams and TV broadcasts usually use overlays and layers above the actual video content. These overlays use different types of sources like another video streaming content, media files or images.
Live Score relies on a layer from a video streaming source. If you're using the screen capturing method, it's now time to add a new layer from the network address of your capturing software.
If you're done it right, you should now see your scoreboard and its background in your streaming software.

Removing the Background

Now that you have your scoreboard in your streaming software, it's time to get rid off that background.
This can be done by using chroma keys. With this procedure, you can remove a certain color from the whole layer. If you use you're background color, you should now see that the whole background will be removed and you end up with your plain scoreboard.

Move and Scale

Okay, we're almost done with our livestream.
If you're streaming software supports moving and scaling of layers (and i bet it does support it), you can now make the scoreboard a little bit smaller, and move it to the perfect location.
That's it, you can now start your broadcast and control your scoreboard overlay with your iPad or iPhone.