Keyboard Input

With Live Score 1.6.6 and above it's possible to use your keyboard to operate your scoreboard.
This gives you the flexibility to either use your own computer keyboard, or use hardware like

  1. How does it work?
  2. Enable Keyboard Input
  3. Keyboard Mappings

How does it work?

When activated, Live Score listens to your keyboard input and triggers actions based on prepared mappings.
This means, when you press SPACE, it will automatically toggle Start/Stop for the scoreboard.

To use this feature, it's necessary to open the Built-In Sports Control panel for your current sport.
The keyboard input does only work, when your panel is in the front of all windows!
Therefore Live Score will automatically send it to the foreground to ensure your input will always work.

Enable Keyboard Input

To enable the keyboard input, activate the menu item Input -> Keyboard Input.
Open your Built-In Sports Control panel and check the title of the panel.
If activated, the text should display Keyboard Input is active and your panel should stay in front of all windows.
It might be important to click somewhere in the panel area, just to make sure, it's focused.

Keyboard Mappings

You might wonder, how the keys are mapped to the scoreboard actions?!
We skipped the userguide for that, and directly integrated the overview within the sports panel.

With your sports panel focused and the keyboard input enabled, press TAB on your keyboard to display the mappings view.
This will show you all available keys for the existing buttons.
To hide the mappings view, just press TAB again.

The displayed keys should be easy to understand.
However there are some key names that might be confusing at first.

D1, D2, ... are the digits and numbers at the top of your keyboard.
NumPad1, NumPad2... are the digits and numbers in the NumPad area of your keyboard.