Quick Start Guide

Getting started with Live Score is fairly straightforward. This guide will walk you through the basics and help you get your first scoreboard and remote control. We will cover the following topics:

  1. Start with your Sport
  2. Setup Game Data
  3. Add and customize Scoreboard
  4. Start your Desktop Application Server
  5. Use a Remote Control
  6. Use your Scoreboard in a Live Stream

Start with your Sport

If you haven't downloaded the desktop application yet, you can do so by going to http://www.live-score-app.com/software. After installing the software and starting it, you will be prompted to select your sport. This window will always be shown when starting Live Score.

After selecting your sport, you should see the main window of Live Score. The place of the scoreboard area is surrounded by lots of settings that can be configured for your game.
Don't worry, we will take a look at them in the next steps.
Please note, we have to add a scoreboard layout later, so that area might be empty for now.

Setup Game Data

The Game Data area is used to adjust the configuration of the current game. You can set team names and overtime settings. Team logos are shown depending on the currently selected scoreboard. If you're ready, don't forget to click "Submit".

Add and customize Scoreboard

Now it's time to add, customize and prepare your scoreboard layout.

Add Scoreboard
Start by adding a new scoreboard.
Do this by clicking on the small + icon below the active-scoreboard list in the right panel. This will open the Layout Gallery. Select one of the scoreboards of your selected sport and add it.
Now you should see it in the center area.

The next thing would be to toggle which elements you want to appear on your screen for each scoreboard. The Background color (a bit lower in the panel) will be used for transparency keys when embedding your scoreboard in your Live Stream...we will talk about that later. You can additionally adjust colors in the Color Setup dialog, your x/y position or the main image. Each scoreboard behaves different for settings like colors and images.
Don't forget to press the Submit button to see your changes!

If you're scoreboard is too small, just zoom in and make it larger. You can also move your scoreboard around by dragging it with your mouse or position it with pixel x/y coordinates...just give it a try!

The Safety Mouse feature hides your mouse when you started your service, so it will never be visible in your LiveStream/on TV.
Animations/Effects enables or disables all animations for the currently displayed scoreboard.

Start your Desktop Application Server

Now it's time to get things going. Before we can connect our iPads and iPhones, we need to start our server. The Server Data section contains everything you need to connect your remote clients to your desktop application. Please set a port and a password for your connection and start your desktop application server with the "Start" button in the upper right corner of the application.

Setup Remote Controls (or use the Built-In Controls)

You can open the Built-In Sports controls right within Live Score to operate your scoreboard. On this page, we will cover the iOS Remote Controls.
Grab your iPad or iPhone and make sure that you're connected to the same network! Start the App and enter your TCP/IP, Port and Password data. Then select the Remote Control for your sport and click "Connect to Server". You should now see the "Warmup" screen.

Use a Remote Control

Start the game by clicking on "Start". Now you can see the whole remote control with all features. Press a button to immediately trigger the linked function on your desktop application scoreboard. Use the settings to customize features like the current theme (Standard or Pro). If you're done with the game, use the Action-Button next to the settings and end your game.

Use your Scoreboard in a Live Stream

It's finally time to embed your scoreboard in a real live stream. You need 2 things.
  1. a streaming software that supports layers with chroma keys
  2. a screen capture software
We start with the screen capture software and crop the part of the screen we want to be visible in our live stream. This software should then send this part of the screen to your local network.

Start your streaming software and create a new layer and set its input to your screen capturing address. You should now see your scoreboard with your background color.

Use the chroma key feature of your software to remove the background color. Your scoreboard is now ready to be used as an overlay in your live stream. Just keep it there and get back to your iPad and iPhoen Remote controls.