The industry you are working in, has a wide list of different workflows and requirements.
So we fully understand that some approaches do work for others, but maybe not for you.

This is the reason why we offer full testing options for every feature of Live Score.
We strongly recommend to see the compare page before purchasing a license, and also requesting a free trial license to test all features in your environment.

When you purchase a license on the website, you need to agree to the execution of the contract before the cancellation period expires. Otherwise, we cannot send you the license immediately.

If, despite conducting prior testing before making a purchase, you still feel the need for a refund, please follow the steps outlined below.

This page only shows how to proceed with a request for a refund.
The official cancellation policy can be found on this this page.

Refund for Desktop license

If you have purchased a desktop license, please get in touch with us and provide us with the details of what occurred and the reasons behind your request for a refund.

Refund for iOS license

Purchases made on the App Store are subject to Apple's iTunes Store Terms and Conditions. You can of course also request a refund for this. However, this has to be done through Apple.

Please read more about it on the official Apple website: Apple refund page.