NewTek NDI Output

Run Live Score on your computer, laptop or Windows tablet in your local network. When using NDI, you're Live Score PC will be automatically detected as a local NDI source and can be added easily to any NDI compatible streaming software.

  1. Setup NDI Container
  2. Align your Layouts
  3. Start the NDI Output
  4. Using the NDI Broadcast

Setup NDI Container

We start by setting up our NDI Container.
The NDI Container is the part of your scoreboard area, that will be sent to your local network. Go to the Settings dialog from your menu bar (Edit -> Settings) and open the Newtek NDI page from the sidebar.

Enable NDI output and set your name, how you want your output to appear in your other NDI compatible applications.
You can then chose from predefined resolution settings.

If you have a computer with a lower performance, you can optionally enable the Low Performance Mode. If enabled, Live Score will only send a single frame after your scoreboard data has changed.

Align your Layouts

If NDI has been enabled, you will see a red NDI Container rectangle if the Live Score engine is stopped.

The content within this container will be sent to your network.
Depending on what resolution you have selected in the NDI settings, it has a different width and height.

You can now start to align and position your scoreboards within that rectangle.
Depending on your workflow, this container helps you to set the final position of your scoreboard in your streaming software, or directly in Live Score.

Start the NDI Output

You can start the broadcasting through NDI by simply pressing the blue start button in the upper right corner of Live Score.

Using the NDI Broadcast

Now start your NDI compatible broadcasting software.
If you open your NDI input sources, you should now see the network broadcast from the Live Score application.

The broadcast comes without any background, so no additional chroma keying is required.

If you have already set the correct positions of the layouts within the NDI container, you should already have the perfect setting for your stream. Otherwise feel free to adjust position and scaling from within your streaming software.