Daktronics Input

Live Score 1.6.5 and above can use the data from your Daktronics software as an input source, and automatically update your scoreboard data in Live Score.
The new data feed requires a Daktronics All Sport CG hardware that sends the sport data through a serial connection to your Live Score computer.

  1. How it works
  2. Sports Overview
  3. Requirements
  4. Connect the All Sport CG hardware
  5. Setup All Sport CG
  6. Setup Live Score
  7. Start Daktronics Listener


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1. How it works

The data from your Daktronics All Sport console needs to be transferred into your Live Score computer.
Live Score listens for that data feed and extracts the necessary data for further usage in your score bugs.

To get the data from Daktronics into a 3rd party application, it's necessary to connect an adapter between your Daktronics console/controller and your computer. This adapter is the Daktronics All Sport CG hardware.

The All Sport CG receives data from your All Sport 3000, All Sport 5000 or All Sport 5500 controller and converts it to a more readable data feed. This data feed is then sent to the RS232 CONTROL output of the hardware.
If you connect this CONTROL output to your computer, Live Score can listen for the data feed and use it for its own score bugs and scoreboards.

2. Sports Overview

Live Score supports up to 6 different sports for the Daktronics Integration.
Each sport has its own unique data elements that are extracted from the All Sport CG signal.
Thus, your CG hardware needs to be setup correctly to output the correct signal.

Live Score does not read the team names of your hardware. That data needs to be entered directly in Live Score to be more flexible on team-name lengths for your score bug.

The following list provides an overview about which Live Score sport matches which Daktronics sport:

  • Multi-Sport: Select Volleyball in Daktronics
  • Basketball: Select Basketball in Daktronics
  • Baseball: Select Baseball in Daktronics
  • Soccer: Select Soccer in Daktronics
  • Football: Select Football in Daktronics
  • Hockey: Select Hockey in Daktronics

3. Requirements

These things are required for the Daktronics integration:

4. Connect the All Sport CG hardware

Connect the All Sport CG with your computer by plugging in your RS232 cable into the CONTROL output of the hardware.
Then connect the other end of the cable to your computer.

5. Setup All Sport CG

Start your All Sport CG as described in your Daktronics manual.
Select your sport and then choose your mode depending on your hardware setup (Automatic or Manual).
Automatic Mode should be used when your CG is connected to an All Sport controller.
It then receives the data, converts it and sends it to your Live Score computer.
If you don't have an All Sport controller, you can use Manual Mode to enter your data manually on your All Sport CG.

6. Setup Live Score

In Live Score, it's necessary to enable the Daktronics feature.
Open the Daktronics Setup dialog by using the menu item Tools / Daktronics Setup or within the Settings Dialog of Live Score.

General Settings
Please enable the Daktronics integration by using the checkbox.
The COM Port needs to match the one that your RS232 cable is connected to.

Sport Configuration
Each sport has its own configuration about which elements should be automatically operated with Daktronics.
If you disable an element, no updates will be used from the Daktronics controller.
In that case, it's necessary to manually operate that element with the Built-In Sports Control or your iOS Remote controls.
This feature can be used if you want to manually focus on certain elements instead of letting Daktronics do the work for you.

Testing your connection
You can test your connection and check if Live Score receives data from your hardware.
Set the correct COM Port and start a new test run in the testing area of the Daktronics Setup dialog.
If you don't receive any data, make sure your CG is setup correctly and that've you selected the matching COM port.
If the text area receives content, your connection works as expected.
Please note, this is just a test connection, which will be closed when you leave the settings dialog.
The real connection will be started with the blue start button in the main window of Live Score.

7. Start Daktronics Listener

Depending on your selected sport, the Daktronics listener will be started when you click on the blue Start Button in the top right corner of Live Score.
Depending on your sport elements configuration, Live Score will now update the scoreboard with the data that is received from your Daktronics All Sport CG hardware.
The console output of Live Score tells you if the Daktronics listener has been started or not.