Professional Edition

Package with all sports and all features

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Get the complete suite of Live Score with the Professional Edition.

This unique package gives you access to all sports controls and all additional features that do not belong to single sports packages.

Custom Scoreboards

Load your own scoreboard layouts and use them however you want by adding them to your Layout Gallery and assign it to a sport.

Input Integrations

Let Live Score interact with various input integrations like StatCrew, Daktronics, iOS Remotes or built-in sports controls. Get the full package of possibilities to operate your scoreboard either manually or automatically from a 3rd party system.


Use one or more of the available outputs formats like NewTek NDI, the External Display Module, dynamic images, XML and text files. Process the scoreboard graphics they way that is best for you.

FTP and Web Widgets

Upload raw data as XML files to your server and use either one of the provided web widgets on your website, or create your very own visualization of the data on your website, in your apps or anywhere else.

The Live Score Professional Edition offers these and many more features that help you to get even more out of your scoreboard graphics.