Rugby/AFL Control

Desktop Control for Rugby/AFL

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Get a complete scoreboard for your rugby games. This package includes the?built-in sports control?for Rugby League, Union and AFL within the Live Score Desktop Application.

Unlock your license and get full access to all controls in your desktop application like:

  • Team Names
  • Team Scores
  • Halves / Quarters
  • Set-Tackles
  • Flags
  • Metres-Gained
  • Statistics
  • and more...

Game Modes

This package comes with all 3 versions: Rugby Union, League and also AFL. Select your game mode and all game buttons and statistic buttons will be set automatically depending on the sport you have selected.


Use optional statistic buttons and a second halftime scoreboard to show statistics like possessions, line breaks, territory percentage, tackles and way more.

Get everything that is necessary for an rugby football scoreboard-experience.