Sports Broadcasts across Europe and the Middle East

S5 Production is your partner for soccer broadcasts all over Europe and the Middle East. The company from Croatia has been involved in lots of matches of a majority of European clubs, and are now expanding their range with more sports like Tennis, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball and more.

"The simple and user friendly solution of Live Score was right for us!"

Davor Županić CEO of S5 Production, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook


We spoke with Davor Županić of S5 Production about his company, his vision and how Live Score has defined the way he works. Thank you for the interview Davor.

1. Tell us something about you and your company/work?

It was a natural step to open my own company after working as producer of live sports.
We were doing live broadcasts all over Europe and the Middle East mainly soccer matches.

Traveling to that countries, we produced soccer matches for a majority of european clubs when they play friendly matches in summer and winter break time.

Now we are spreading to other sports like tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball, boxing etc.

2. How did you find Live Score and what was your first impression?

We found Live Score through a internet search.
We needed a light and budget friendly solution for other sports and when we saw Live Score we wanted to try it right away.

Live Score is a simple and user friendly solution that was right for us on first use.

3. How do you use Live Score for your Broadcasts?

We use Live Score in combination with a Streamstar system.
Live Score is placed on a notebook and we send the scorebug via NDI through a local network.

We also use Live Score lower thirds in other projects in combination with other graphics.

4. What projects and shows have you been involved and what are you currently working on?

Our company is a partner or a few soccer clubs and we accompany them in their visiting friendly matches wherever they go.

We are also partners or state associations in a few sports and we produce all kinds of matches.
Our future project will be auto-moto racing and horse racing.

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